Frequently Asked Questions

The program will be running in-person from April 29 - May 3, 2024.
Each course runs five hours a day, Monday through Friday. Courses start at 9 AM and end at 3 PM, with one hour for lunch.
The mini-courses are open to students who are grades 8 to 11 in Ontario or secondary levels II to V in Quebec who have been selected by their school and whose school board or private school is a participating member of the program.
You must be selected by your school to participate in the program. If selected, you will receive a registration link to your school’s email account. From there, you’ll be able to create your profile and select your courses. It’s also here that you’ll be able to see in which mini-course you’ve been placed. 
Student placement is based on a random computerized process that occurs once all the application forms are received. Consequently, the first come - first serve principle does not apply. The date at which a student applies has no impact on the placement result of this student.
Lunch is not provided. Students may bring their lunch from home, or purchase lunch on campus. Instructors will make suggestions and give directions.
For the 2024 edition, the fee to participate will be 185$.
Some participating school boards and private schools provide transportation. Please contact the person responsible for the program in your school. If you do not know who that is, contact your school board or private school and speak to the person in charge of the program there.
If you withdrawal form the Program before April 26, the program fees are reimbursed 100% ; minus a 70$ administrative fee. After this date, we will no longer be able to reimburse the participants.
Once the placement is done and you’re assigned to one of your choices, it’s not possible to change your placement; that’s why the selection process is important. Remember, if you get placed in a course, it was part of your selection.
11. How do I know what classroom my course is in?
Each year, before the program week kicks off, the universities and the college providing the mini-courses hold short information/orientation sessions. You and your parents are introduced to the campus’s facilities. More specifically, you find out where your course will take place. You will also have the opportunity to meet your instructor(s) and know more about the course content.