The Biology in Our Lives

Institution: Carleton University (Tory Building 236)
Category: Faculty of Science
Language: English

Course Description

From the smallest cells to the most complex ecosystems, life happens around all of us! Our histories, the foods we eat, the technology we use, and our visions for the future all have fascinating stories written by biology. Scientists use an array of tools and techniques to understand these stories, which allow us to make critical decisions to discover and preserve animal species, generate energy in our homes, and much, much more.

Have you ever thought about becoming a scientist, or wondered what the daily life of a scientist is like? In this class, you’ll get a sneak peek! We will talk about general aspects of core biological concepts, normally introduced in greater detail at the undergraduate level. With a focus on safe and hands-on learning, students will be taught proper use of common laboratory equipment either not available in high school, or not taught in extreme detail. These lessons will be followed by demonstrations of common research done in laboratories, which help us answer questions and solve the many biological mysteries on our planet. At the end of each class, students will engage in discussions regarding cutting-edge discoveries done by scientists today, how these discoveries show up in modern life, and what sorts of jobs use the techniques practiced in this course. If possible, professors from varying fields of biology will be invited to participate in a short 15-20 minute presentation about their work, allowing students to meet real scientists and see what they do in the field of biology. If you’ve ever wondered about science beyond the classroom, or want a ‘head start’ before university, then this is the course for you!