Solving Crime with Science: Introduction to Forensic Biology

Institution: Carleton University (Carleton University)
Category: Faculty of Science
Language: English

Course Description

Have you ever wondered how murders are solved? Or how scientists contribute to the criminal justice system in Canada? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then this mini course on forensic biology is for you!

By taking this mini course, students will understand the fundamentals of multiple subdisciplines of forensic biology. During the mini course, students will have the opportunity to communicate the details about a subdiscipline of forensic biology to a non-expert audience through a case study presentation. On the last day of the mini course, students will synthesize their learning by participating in a mock trial.

Several lessons in this forensic biology mini course will cover topics on criminal activity. These topics may include violence, death, and other potentially gory discussions. While much of the discussion on these topics will be theoretical, students will discuss real events during their case study presentation. Students are encouraged to participate in all case studies, but do have permission to exit the room during a particular case if they are uncomfortable for any reason."