Memes are Art? and Other Questions in the World of Digital Art History

Institution: Carleton University (Richcraft Hall 1200)
Category: Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
Language: English

Course Description

Memes! NFTs! Video Games! 3D printing! These topics (and many more, including AI) will be explored in this course. We will investigate how art history and the digital world collide in interesting, unexpected ways.

This course will feature short lectures, hands-on demos, and student-led discussions to allow students to learn about art history and the digital world in a way that suits their personal interests.

Co-taught by two Art and Architectural History graduate students specializing in Digital Humanities, this course will focus on how art history as a discipline intersects with the digital world. Beyond this, we will discuss and experiment with digital tools, consider how the ways we look at the past and future have shifted, and learn how university students navigate the digital world daily in the process of writing successful research papers.

Themes that are prevalent in the relationship between art history and the digital age:
- Bias and EDI.
- What is art? and how do we determine artistic worth?
- The use of the digital as a tool in historical research.
- Problems surrounding the digital world and the future.
- Posthumanism.
- The benefits of embracing the digital.
- And most importantly: is AI going to take over the world?"