5 Days at the Physics Frontier: From Cosmology and Quantum Physics to DNA Nanotechnology 

Institution: University of Ottawa (CBYB012)
Category: Faculty of Science
Language: English

Course Description

This fast-paced mini-course will introduce students to some of the most fascinating topics in current physics. Each day full of interactive lectures and hands-on demonstrations will be concluded with a talk given by a guest speaker. Among the topics to be discussed are: quantum information, stellar evolution, Big Bang, standard model and gravitational waves, nano devices used to manipulate single protein molecules. Students will be given the opportunity to use our undergraduate laboratory and learn details of the experimental error analysis, as well as visit the state-of-the-art research labs. The workshop during which students will manufacture and test the nano-devices will be organized by bio-physics research group.

This program is best suited to grade 10 and 11 students; however, it may be of interest to more advanced junior HS students (grade 8/9).