Controlling your world is as easy as Pi. Raspberry Pi

Institution: Carleton University (Mackenzie Building 3290)
Category: Faculty of Engineering and Design
Language: English

Course Description

Students will be introduced to the world of embedded computing with the Raspberry Pi series of devices.

A Raspberry Pi is a credit-card sized computer that costs around $50, that can be easily setup to plug into your TV, and attach to your network, keyboard, and mouse. But it need not be connected to anything. One of the first tasks given to the students would be to re-configure the device so it's ""standalone"". The Raspberry Pi is versatile because it can be connected to other devices to turn on/off lights, detect button presses, and even control motors (for those darling to try so).

The first few classes will be an introduction to the hardware, the Raspbian operating system (i.e. Debian Linux), and how to connect to interface boards. We will also learn how to control the devices remotely, including a robotic arm that can be programmed to pick up & move objects. The students, working in pairs, will then be given the opportunity to use their own creativity to create their own system, that connects to ""the internet of things"".

****NOTE: There will be a $120 material fee for this class for ( At the end of the week the students will take home their own Raspberry Pi starter kit, connectors & cables.
****NOTE 2: If the material fees would cause families financial hardship, the matter is open to discussion on an individual basis