Changing the World: Politics, Persuasion, and Protest

Institution: Carleton University (Southam Hall 313)
Category: Faculty of Public Affairs
Language: English

Course Description

War. Epidemic. Climate change. Economic insecurity. Injustice. In a world where new and ongoing crises require civic engagement and transformative change- what will you do?
This course will challenge students to think about the social goals that matter to them, introduce them to the political, economic, and public service processes that determine policy, and provide tools for influencing those policy conversations and for working towards the common good locally, nationally and globally.
Drawing on opportunities in our Nation’s Capital, including access to advocates, influencers and decision-makers as available, this course will blend together discussions on the structure and practice of policy, government and communication with practical exercises to help students get hands-on knowledge that will empower them for civic participation and for making informed choices in pursuing social and political action.