Thought Experiments; Intro to Philosophy

Institution: Carleton University (Richcraft Hall 1201)
Category: Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
Language: English

Course Description

Thought experiments are a tool that philosophers have been using for thousands of years to help explain and defend their arguments. In this course, we will look into some of the most famous thought experiments in the history of philosophy such as Plato's cave, the trolly problem, the brain in a vat and the evil neuroscientist. By discussing each of these experiments and more you will get an introduction to some of the major subjects of philosophy. Namely, Metaphysics, Epistemology, Ethics and Philosophy of Mind. These experiments are meant to challenge how we know about the world, by discussing and debating their motivations and consequences you'll gain a better understanding of the world around you and how to navigate difficult moral problems.

Topics: Free will, Simulation Theory, Utilitarianism, Deontology, Knowledge (or lack thereof), and Virtue

Aim for this course: Improve critical thinking & logic skills, learn to debate from different points of view, gain knowledge in the history of philosophy, and develop a better understanding of complex philosophical questions.