Let’s get NEURDY

Institution: Carleton University (2308 Health Science Building)
Category: Faculty of Science
Language: English

Course Description

The brain is the coolest and most complex organ in the body, but how does it work? This is the question that neuroscientists ask themselves every day, and in this course, you will gain insights into how this question is answered.

After decorating your own lab coat, you will venture into the neuroscience lab and learn how to:
Identify brain structures with the naked eye
Visualize brain cells under a microscope and go home with your very own picture of a neuron!
Determine what genes someone has and use this skill to handle a lab crisis
See your own brain activity by reading EEG waves
Test if someone is lying
Analyze neuroscience data through coding
We will also have daily talks from neuroscience professors on hot neuroscience topics like addiction, depression, and stress.
You will end the week with a chance to share what you learned through group presentations and an afternoon of trivia—winners get a prize!

DISCLAIMER: Please note that this course may include discussions on sensitive topics and will involve working with biological tissue samples. Additionally, though not required, a basic knowledge of biology is recommended.