Biomimicry Challenge for little designers

Institution: Carleton University (Carleton University)
Category: Faculty of Engineering and Design
Language: English

Course Description

This course encourages students to learn about Biomimicry through the process of nature-inspired design, involving individual and group work. It includes concepts that are relevant to Design, Technology, and Biology. The students will work in groups to make research and some sketches after selecting a natural form or behavior that works with sustainability. They will present their project at the end of the course and discuss the other groups’ work.

Learning objectives:
• Students will learn how to inspire by nature to create designs and innovate creative ideas for solving problems.
• Students will be able to apply Biomimicry principles that are related to nature.
• Students will be aware of how to use natural solutions to face sustainability challenges.
• Students will improve their research, design, and presentation skills.

Learning outcomes:
• Students use Biomimicry as a creative method to make new designs and solve problems.
• Students work in groups and cooperate to discover and apply the best solution.
• Students learn new ways to create innovative ideas by mimicking nature’s forms and behavior.
• Students present their work to their colleagues and improve it from feedback and critique.