Mission to Space: Introduction to Space Engineering

Institution: Carleton University (Nideyinàn 182 (formerly University Centre))
Category: Faculty of Engineering and Design
Language: English

Course Description

Have you ever wondered how engineers design satellites for various space missions? With growing interest in space exploration, planetary visits for science, and even space tourism, each space mission must be specifically designed to accomplish its objectives. This course will introduce you to space engineering fundamentals with a focus on practical examples, experiential learning activities, and interactive discussions. Students with an interest in space technology, space exploration, or satellite design are encouraged to apply. Previous knowledge is not required.
Students will learn about space mission planning, satellite design, special considerations for the space environment, and testing. Simplified launch and satellite operations will also be discussed. Students will be guided to collaborate in small groups to design their own basic space mission by examining real satellite examples. Professors and other guest speakers from industry may be invited for brief presentations on specialized topics. Students will complete the course with a fundamental understanding of space engineering and with new technical skills for design and problem solving.
It’s rocket science… simplified!